About Us

Our Aim

We want to create work which is a rollercoaster ride, both to watch and perform. We believe that an audience should be taken on a wild journey through their emotions, be hurtled through ideas and not be preached at. If our shows happen to be educational, we are careful not to show it; theatre should be alive and relentless, providing learning through enjoyment and wonder. We use no tricks in creating exciting children’s theatre – there is only the raw passion for telling the story in the most beautiful or devastating or imaginative way we can think of.

The Story so Far

So far we have won two Fringe First Awards, been shortlisted for the Brian Way Award, won a Three Weeks Editors’ Award, performed at four sell-out Edinburgh Festivals, completed five extensive UK tours, and played to audiences at venues in Poland and Malaysia.

How We Create Our Work

We are often asked whether our plays are scripted or whether they are devised. Our productions have a flavour of both because of the way they are made.  The process for each one has been very similar.

Then after some chatter and some dreaming, Ollie gets to work on the script and the music, whilst Amy sources inspiring images and organises the nitty gritty of the production. When the script is ready, we bring together our merry band of talented actors, designers and stage managers and travel off to Lanternhouse in Ulverston which is a playground for creation and imagination. We live, work, play, eat and breathe en masse. The whole team is encouraged to throw ideas into the pot, to be playful and ambitious and together, under Amy’s guide, we shape Ollie’s script and create the show.